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My mission: To help those who are grieving find healthy, well-adjusted ways to "move forward" with living, while "hanging on" to the spiritual and symbolic relationship with their loved one. 

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The following are sample topics of 60-90 minute group workshops currently offered by author, motivational speaker, PEACE™ Coach and bereaved mother, Maria Malin. Custom presentations also available. Email for pricing and schedule availability: 

Loss of a Child: When You Just Can’t Say Good-bye”

With an authentic, compassionate approach, Maria Malin shares her family’s journey back to hope and positive living after losing their son and brother, Steven, age 11, in an accident in 2003. Maria offers a healthy, creative focus on how to keep your child lost to death a meaningful part of everyday living. For most grieving parents, “going on” without their child seems impossible. “Moving forward” with their child’s importance to the family and “forever” bond intact helps everyone find their true path to healing.
“Helping Others in Grief: When Being ‘Present’ is Your ‘Gift’”
The grief journey is filled with anxiety and the unknowns of life without a cherished loved one, but the loneliness and heartache can be lessened when the bereaved are embraced by a caring support network. Studies show that of the top 100 things people say to someone enduring loss, only 20 bring actual comfort. Learn practical tools on assisting others in grief; what to do, say and avoid. Maria details the most effective ways to support others who are grieving. 

“The Milestones: Living Life Versus Living Death”
Everyday life can be a challenge when coping with severe grief. There are times of the year that present especially difficult, unique hurdles and they are what the bereaved call “the milestones.” Events such as birthdays, anniversaries of death, graduations, weddings, holidays and the like can bring anticipatory dread of the upcoming day as well as a more concentrated focus on the death of that loved one. With a caring and gentle approach, Maria offers creative ideas to get through the milestones with a “living life” rather than “living death” outlook, and details how to manage the "everyday" along with managing grief.

Maria created the program, "Life Directions" in 2009 and invited other motivational speakers to co-present the topics of hope, healing and personal growth to full-capacity audiences in Chicago. 

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