Moving Forward Hanging On... 

My mission: To help those who are grieving find healthy, well-adjusted ways to "move forward" with living, while "hanging on" to the spiritual and symbolic relationship with their loved one. 

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Share messages of hope with others and let us form a circle of healing as we move forward with living again. Below are 10 well-regarded hints on how to find new daily joy after loss:

1.      1. Every day, do one thing that affirms the beauty of nature or a simple beauty to living.
2. Do SOMETHING with your time.
3. Turn OFF upsetting topics on the TV and the news.
4. Get to know one neighbor or one new person in your community.
5. Don't be afraid to laugh again.
6. Start and end your day with a purposeful positive thought.
7. Don’t allow regret and anger to rule every day.
8. Before you get out of bed in the morning, think of one thing that brings one smile.
9. Be forgiving to others and yourself.
10. Nurture your family and/or friends. 

Maria appeared on "Comcast Newsmakers" in Chicago and shared healthy ways to feel our loved one's continued presence in our lives and find healing through focusing on life again versus death.   

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