Moving Forward Hanging On... 

My mission: To help those who are grieving find healthy, well-adjusted ways to "move forward" with living, while "hanging on" to the spiritual and symbolic relationship with their loved one. 

About Maria's Book

Praise from Mr. Bill Kurtis

“This is a very important book.  It’s not often that someone has the courage to open their soul, nor the talent to guide us into the netherworld of the life experience that is unspeakable, unthinkable—the loss of a child.  Maria Malin has done just that in a gentle mission to be of service to someone else who might share a similar tragedy.  In so doing, she has given us a remarkable new perspective on grief.
After a loss of someone dear, we hear our friends say, ‘Snap out of it!’ ‘Just let go and go on with life!’  Maria Malin counters by asking, ‘Why?’  Her answer to that question fills this book with a powerfully written account of a true story, her own.  I believe it will change your attitude toward loss.
A beautiful young family who had it all, suddenly is visited by death.  It could have shattered every belief, every achievement, the same shadow that has haunted 9/11 families.  But Maria Malin gives us hope by telling us that we don’t have to let go."
            Bill Kurtis, 
Award-winning news anchor, journalist, author, documentary host and producer


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