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My mission: To help those who are grieving find healthy, well-adjusted ways to "move forward" with living, while "hanging on" to the spiritual and symbolic relationship with their loved one. 


Before April 19, 2003, I thought I lived a pretty “normal” life. I was a normal carpooling mom with three great kids, a good husband, and a nice house in the suburbs. When one of your family members is suddenly erased from the picture, life has no “normal.” Living loses its purpose; days have no meaning. This is what happened when my middle child, my gentle, loving son, Steven, was killed at the age of eleven by a train.

I could not go on with a life that only felt like death. I needed to find ways to keep Steven with us; to feel his presence, to seek out his continued spiritual and symbolic connection to our family. My husband and our two daughters shared this desire; to bring life back to living and keep Steven's important place in our family "with us" forever. 

If you are visiting my website and have experienced significant loss, I invite you to read my book, “When You Just Can’t Say Good-bye, Don’t” in the hopes that you will find healthy ways to hang on to your loved one, too. I welcome you to join the believers who know “hope,” not only “loss.” As we share signs and symbols of our loved ones, may we forge a new path on the road after death. Proceeds of Steven's book sales help fund three memorial scholarships honoring good character in our youth each year. 

Feel free to browse the site, purchase my book of hope and healing after loss, plan a workshop for your group, sign up for private grief coaching, make a donation to Steven's fund.

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Wishing you peace and many "signs,"

Maria Malin

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